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You are the smell before rain.


"Oh I’m not only visiting you - I’m visiting everyone." Jane replied. "I report everything back to Aro - What you say, what you’re doing, how you’re acting, and he decides if I need to come back or not."

"If you’re visiting everyone then you should keep a move on. Arguing with me is time consuming and basically pointless." Alistair shrugged his shoulders once. "Let me guess, by if I need to come back you mean come back to kill me, or even escort me to see Aro so he could do it himself.”


"It’s not that you haven’t done anything wrong, Alistair." Jane hissed. "It’s just to make sure you’re up to nothing." She rolled her eyes slightly.

"Now that you know that I haven’t done anything- and will not in the future. I suppose this conversation is over.” Alistair said quickly. “Pretty useless trip if you ask me.”


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"Just be considered lucky to not have Aro sending either Alec or I out to keep an eye on you." Jane warned.

"Keep an eye on me?" Alistair repeated back to her before letting out a light scoff. "I’ve done nothing wrong in the past how many centuries since our last encounter."

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Jane’s smile fell to the floor. “I know I know. If anything I have the best memory in the guard.” She looked the man up and down. “Alistair, right? I do remember you very well. And Alec does as well…”

"Ahh—" Alistair said sounding slightly surprised with her answer. "— So you do remember me." Unfortunately for him that was a rather bad thing. His last run in with the twins had almost killed him. "As well as your brother. How silly of me to forget him." The sarcasm in his voice was easily noticeable as he spoke.



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