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i still cant believe the easter bunny died for our sins



     Cocking her head, she sighs,
     her lips curving into a smile.


    ❝ I do not know that I would
       know them. The only way
       I would is if you tell me
       about them. Where do you
       like going the most? ❞

"I don’t even know their names. I never bothered to ask. Does that help you?" Alistair said, the tone in his voice made it clear that he was getting annoyed with her questions. He let out a sigh and tried to relax once again. "— I don’t exactly have any favourite’s. I’d say England, but that’s not a pleasant memory for me." 

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Send me a ♥ + a URL and I’ll list 5 things I like about them.

1. You  were one of the first people to ever follow me and rp with me when I created this  account, even when it was a side blog  and then  how  encouraging you were when  I made it a  main blog, all of that just means  so much to me

2.  I love staying up talking to you  at all odd hours of the day/nigh and just how  you put up with me asking  50 million  questions about your gifts and everything else and how you haven’t gotten annoyed with me

3. I Love how  you’re  one of the nicest people I have ever talked to but yet you’re so good at playing character who aren’t  the nicest people in the world.

4.  I like how  even though we’ve never felt I honestly feel like  we’ve been friends for a long time

5.    I also just think you’re an amazing, talented, sweet, wonderful person who makes my heart smile!

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       She sighed, her eyebrows
         reflecting more entertainment
         than disbelief.


     ❝ I do not believe you. ❞

"Well you ruined your chances for asking a question." 


 She nodded, of course. It made sense that her would wander any— and everywhere. Staying in the same place was…tiring. She seemed to be suffering the same problem, though she was spurred for different reason. It was not that she was bored of Denali… only reminiscent. Tanya hoped that time away would clear her head.

     ❝As have I, although not as extensively, of course. I intend to go overseas soon…visit my country of birth. I have not been there since my creator’s passing… How have your travels here in America been thus far?❞ she sighed, bringing the conversation back around to him.

     ”Which country would that be?” Alistair asked, attempting to take an interest in the blonde woman’s life. However the interest was little, and practically pointless to try. “They have been—” He paused for a second or two then took a step to the left, placing one foot over the other. He stopped and looked up at her once again. “— quiet for the most part. I’d run into another vampire once in a while. But not too often.” 



     She bites her lips shut,
     cutting back a small laugh.


    ❝ Alistair, I was just making
       small talk… this is normally
       the part where you tell me
       who you met, and I might
       say, “oh, I know them!” But
       nevermind that now… Where
       did you travel?❞

"What makes you sure you’d know them anyways?" 
"Around… nowhere special." 

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