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// It’s dead over here. I apologize. But this week my Opal muse is going to be like….skyrocketing. I mean look at this adorable person. 

My mom also has no problem with driving me to the city to buy fabric to cosplay her!!! :D Her Zaofu outfit, and the squirrel suit.(New airbender outfit.) :3

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// *snickers because Garrett is in trouble for something.*

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// online. Back from therapy.

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"I wonder, is there anything left in the world for you to see? I sometimes worry that one day, the world will hold no more surprises for any of us. Maybe you should invest in a deck of cards; I hear Solitaire passes the time well enough.”


"Solitaire? Card games? I’m not very good with card games… So no. Besides I’d probably lose them." Alistair shrugged his shoulders and rolled his eyes slightly. "There’s always something new to see, even if you’ve already visited a place. The world never stops changing.” 

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"Why such hurry?"


"Because I dislike speaking to you people." 

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// *quietly walks back to fandom* 

I need a break from my Opal blog. 

I made a post over there— it’s going viral. 

I deleted the post thinking it was going to stop the notifications.

Downloaded xkit. 

Turns out you need the post to stop the notifications. 


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